2009 Newsletters

2009 News Letters

Hello Woodturners,

This coming Saturday is the third one for April 2009 and the Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. (MWI) will be meeting in Canton, MS at the historic Trolio Hotel, located on the Courthouse Square.  Our meetings begins at 9:30 a.m., but the doors will be open about 30 minutes before so come have coffee while we get set up. We would like for everyone to bring something for regular "Show and Tell" and to help us with the program, which I will get into below. As you know, sharing some of your work with everyone is a good way for woodturners to learn. Sharing your work means anything related to your wood turning, such as completed, uncompleted,  and problem pieces; your turning tools you want help with (including sharpening); and different methods to mount your turning pieces; etc.

The main program will be for you to interact with the four turning "stations''. Each station will have a lathe, operator, tools, equipment, wood, etc. to respond to as many comments and questions  in the time available. We will do some basic turning, etc. but the plan is that you will present some questions and problems to talk about, see done, and try doing your self.  With some help from everyone there we hope to demystify the ones you that think would be most helpful. This is something different  and hopefully this approach will provide the opportunity for more interaction with more people.   We really want you to bring your turning questions, tools, etc. to this meeting and we will work together to resolve them. The meeting will be very informal as you will be moving around from station to station at as you see fit. If you think you have a particular problem that will require some extra preparation, please let me know and I will pass it on so one of us can be ready.

We are not having a raffle, so if you have extra good turning wood that (deep inside you know you will never get around to using) please bring it to share with members who can and will appreciate getting some new wood. On the other hand if you have a tool that is giving you trouble, you can just bring it and sell it to someone else and be rid of that problem rather than try to learn how to use it!

The two raffles we had earlier this year did yield a nice amount of cash. Now your suggestions for DVDs to be purchased for the library are needed. It would be appreciated if you would get the correct name, etc. on a piece of paper and give or email it to any of the club Officers. (?)

Raymond Mars is our volunteer Librarian and he does an excellent job of transporting the large quantity of material and keeping it in order for us.  Please remember that you need to bring any borrowed library articles you have checked out (see the MWI web site). If you can't make it to the meeting please check into the low postal rates for mailing the item(s) to Raymond.   Items from the library are loaned and should not be checked out unless you are certain you will make the effort to return them within a reasonable time, usually 30 days. and you are the one responsible for checking the returned items in by pulling the card and initialing it where shown. You can e-mail Raymond at Mailto:marsrh@bellsouth.net . You can send Postal mail to him at: 120 Meadowview Ridge, Brandon, MS 39047, or call him at (601)919-0918.  You must be a paid-up member to borrow from the MWI library!!
If you have not already done so, and wish to continue as, or become, a member of the Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. all you need to do is pay the Calendar Year dues of $25 .  ‘Calendar Year’ means all memberships begins January 1, and end December 31 of the same year, regardless of when you renew or join in between.  By paying early in the year, you and the club really benefit by allowing the Vice Presidents to make commitments and secure the better professional turners on the week-ends we need them for our demonstrations. You can pay at this meeting or send your checks to our new MWI treasurer, Archie Landcaster, at this address: 5325 Balmoral Drive, Jackson, MS 39211.

Next month on the third Saturday we will be having our meeting at Michael Pridgen's wood shop in Seminary, MS. I understand it is a large modern and complete facility which should be a real treat in itself.  The program will be member Bill Mason showing us all about the beautiful segmented bowls and vessels he makes.  Put it on your calendar!