2011 Newsletters

January 2011


Hello Woodturners, Next Saturday will be the first "third Saturday" of January 2011, so you know that is also the day of the first Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. meeting of the year. We are meeting in Ellisville, MS because we do that on odd numbered months. We will begin at 9:30 a.m. on the Jones County Junior College (JCJC) campus. You can access written directions and a map of the campus by clicking on the following link : http ://magnoliawoodturners.org/gpage1.html Our meeting is in building #39 on the map, also designated the "Industrial Services Center". Everyone is invited and there is no charge for visitors. Part of the turning demonstration program will be member Bill Hunt showing even better and quicker ways he turns Turkey calls. Bill has demonstrated the intricate steps involved in turning his callers before and will not do an entire turkey call demonstration this time. He will pass on better and quicker ways he now uses to turn those callers. Bill is also going to show how he prepares his scrapers for sharpening and how he actually sharpens them. It would be helpful if you would bring a scraper of your own and he will use them as part of this demo. Bill is a very knowledgeable teacher and makes us feel we have learned something useful and had fun doing it. Member Michael Frazier will also be on hand and will explain a method of turning pens that includes turning "between centers". This is new stuff for pen turners and Michael has all the information, equipment, including a DVD on this method which he will share with us. If time permits, member Roland Pimm will explain how he makes the popular bullet pens using empty rifle casings. Again, depending on time there may be even more. Member John Houston is the new Vice President for the South meetings. John is from Waynesboro (jandkhouston@att.net) and we appreciate his willingness to step up to the plate and help out this year. Also, thanks to Buddy Overby for all his sucesses as Vice President for the South meetings this past year. Dr. Tommy James will continue to be the club President this year but we do need someone to take the Vice President position for the North meetings. The success of the Magnolia Woodturners, Inc is in the support structure we have built by different members getting involved each year. You may be pleased to learn that we did receive and spend the grant from American Association of Woodturners (AAW) that I told you about in my last meeting notice (December 2010) A portion was used to pay the demonstrator at the November 2010 meeting and I believe the balance was used to purchase DVDs for the MWI library, your input was appreciated. The final installment of the grant from AAW is expected in a month or so which will complete the total grant.(which makes the club library even bigger and better!) Raymond Mars, our Librarian for the past several years has announced he is giving up his post immediately for personal reasons. Raymond has been very dedicated to his duties during this time and his services will be greatly missed. Raymond indicated he has some health issues he has to address this spring and needs to be relieved. We need someone to take over the library or find some other way to operate and maintain the library. If something doesn't happen it seems we will have to discontinue the library and store or dispose of the materials. As Raymond said, the library needs to be at every meeting and not just "hit or miss" appearances. He also has concerns about the material being taken from the Library and not returned, at least in a timely manner. If you would be willing to become the librarian or have any ideas for another option, please let Dr. Tommy James, Raymond or myself know very soon. There will be a meeting in President Dr. Tommy James office in Jackson (at 1635 Lelia Drive Suite 202, Jackson, MS 39216) tomorrow evening to discuss several issues facing MWI in the coming year, We will start at 5:30 p.m. Member Charlie White prepared a map that shows where the office is because all the Internet maps don't pin point the location well enough. Some folks won't accept email with an attachment, let me know if you need a copy and I will send you the map by separate message. The same issues will be discussed at the Saturday meeting. Any extra turning wood you have taking up valuable space in your place is always welcome at all meetings. You can share it with others at the meeting and it will be appreciated. I was recently told several people are planning to bring plenty of fresh turning wood to this meeting for turners in need. FOR SALE: General 260 lathe with riser block (20 inch dia.), retrofitted with electronic speed control and accessories and other turning related items. Excellent condition! Contact Webb Stribling at 601-853-7917 Archie Lancaster will continue as MWI Treasurer. You can now pay your MWI dues for calendar year 2011 for the measly amount of $25. You can pay at this meeting or send your checks to: Archie Lancaster, at this address: 5325 Balmoral Drive, Jackson, MS 39211. If you are in the Jackson area and would like to carpool down, you should be in the parking lot at Sutherland Lumber Co, 717 Highway 80 E, Pearl, MS no later than 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning. (You can get there by taking Exit 47B from I-20 East Bound.) Even if you are not in this immediate area it may be worth your time and gasoline to check around with some others to see about sharing rides. If you have not attended a meeting at the South location this would be a good time to catch a ride and come on down. Sorry, if I have omitted anything and if you will let me know I will send out an addendum with the information. Safe Turning, Clyde

February 2011

Hello Woodturners

Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. will meet in Canton, MS at the Historic Trolio Hotel, located on the square, in downtown Canton. The meeting will start at 9:30a.m. Saturday morning February, 19, 2011 but the doors will be open at about 9:00 a.m.. Michael Frazier will demonstrate his methods of finishing pens, etc. using CA glue and another ingredient that will surprise you. He will also demonstrate how to set up and turn pens ?between centers? Michael is a real pro and you will find both interesting. Gerald Lawrence will demonstrate how he mixes and uses shellac using denatured alcohol and shellac flakes. He will also be showing the really new ?colt? drill bits which are really cool. Charlie White will be on hand to show how to construct an economical wood burning tool apparatus, including the hand-piece, using a battery charger and other common materials. It is the way to go if you wish such a tool for embellishing your turnings.

Most of you who are members of Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. are aware that a more central meeting location has been found which has excellent meeting facilities, storage, etc. It is on US 49 between Magee and Mendenhall. Everyone needs to be heard on this issue and, of course, it will be on the agenda for this meeting. In Ellisville last month those in attendance voted to pursue the change. The matter of a cost of $100 for each regular meeting did not appear to be a problem as the club has a rather large cash reserve, currently and it was decided that a dues increase to $35 will be in effect January 2012. You just need to be at the meeting to hear and speak to the pros and cons of the proposed move.

Another agenda item that must be discussed is the MWI Library, since Raymond has turned in his notice that he cannot continue. We need to get input for members as to how we can overhaul the Library because it has become too large to be managed and transported to each meeting location. We have acquired a very large number of new DVDs this year, mostly with grant funds from AAW.

Funeral arrangements for Ben Morgan are as follows: Visitation will be Wednesday the 16th at Memorial Chapel in Laurel from 5:00p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Funeral services will be Thursday the 17th also at Memorial Chapel at 10:a.m.. Those who wish to send condolences, etc. by mail to Ben?s family can send to; 71 Wisteria Trail, Laurel, MS 39443. If you would like to speak at the funeral service contact Memorial Chapel or the family. The only number I have is Ben?s cell number (601)580-9385. If you wish to make memorial gift in Ben?s name to a fund for renovating the education building. Please sent to the First Baptist Church of Laurel, P.O. Box 2636, 39442. The following was just received minutes ago, so you see the entire obituary. http://www.memorychapellaurel.com/index.cfm

I am cutting this a little short in order to get it out in a timely manner.

Hope to see your Saturday morning

Safe turning!


March 2011

Hello Woodturners,

The Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. will be holding our meeting this month in Ben Morgan’s shop in Laurel, MS. This will be the last of many meetings we have had in Ben’s shop and it was his request that we have this meeting. Several members of Ben’s family and friends will be on hand. Don Norman says that Ben had many turned bowl blanks stored drying in a back room and that a lot of these will be given as door prizes.

As a nostalgic gesture to Ben’s generosity, it has been suggested that anyone who still is in possession of a turned piece from one of the many blocks of wood he gave at each previous meeting there, bring it for “show and tell”. Bring your own pieces for everyone to admire, of course, as well.

The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. next Saturday morning (March 19, 2011) and the coffee pot will be on! To get there from Laurel, just head out east, towards Waynesboro on US 84, and Ben’s shop is located at 71 Wisteria Trail, which will be on your left about a half mile East of Interstate Route 59. If you need map directions to the shop you can just click on this button: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=71+Wisteria+Trail,+Laurel,+MS+39443,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=imagehttp://maps.google.com/maps?q=71+Wisteria+Trail,+Laurel,+MS+39443,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=image

If you have not done so recently, you will want to check our web site http://magnoliawoodturners.org/index.html as there is a lot of really new information for you there. We all need to feed more information to Michael to put on the web site. News and good quality jpg images of your work will be posted at no cost, along with sale items, etc.

Gas is expensive so please find someone and carpool! Don't let the high prices come between you and your sanity. Woodturning is fun and also good for you and besides, Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. needs each one of you.

Archie Lancaster is continuing as MWI Treasurer this year. You can now pay your MWI dues for calendar year 2011 for the measly amount of $25 (next year it goes to $35). You can pay at this meeting or send your checks to: Archie Lancaster, at this address: 5325 Balmoral Drive, Jackson, MS 39211.

We have the new DVDs in our library and you will want to take advantage of those, provided you have paid your dues.

FOR SALE: General 260 lathe with riser block (20 inch dia.), retrofitted with electronic speed control and accessories and other turning related items. Excellent condition! Contact Webb Stribling at 601-853-7917

If you need any other information, please let me know. My email software is not being nice lately and I am having trouble getting to my address book so, Good Luck on seeing this.

Safe Turning,

April 2011

April Meeting: This one has turned out a little longer than usual so most of the immediate information is near the beginning. Be sure you check out our web site and the work Michael has done recently. Ben's Shop. Michael also has again put together some brief notes about the discussions at that meeting. Look for them “cut and pasted” at the bottom, thanks Michael. This is to “catch up” those of you who missed the last MWI meeting and let you know about our meeting this month. Canton will be hosting their annual “Arts on the Square” show the weekend of our April 16th meeting. (I understand their Show begins Friday morning and ends Saturday afternoon) Our meeting will take place in the lower room of the Historic Trolio Hotel, which opens up at the sidewalk level and where we have met many times before. We will begin our meeting at our usual 9:30 a.m. but please come early as we have a lot of setting up to do for this one. We are pleased to have an opportunity to participate in the show as it gives us a chance to meet and create interest for the fair goers. The program will be about making shavings fly, bowl roughing-out, with minimum finishing. We will include some new things for us and for the public to enjoy, as well. David Linden has again graciously agreed to be our key demonstrator for this meeting. There is none better than David to represent our club at a meeting when you want to impress both seasoned turners and also members of the public. David will demonstrate tool handling while turning and finishing a bowl using a minimum of sanding plus his own unique design for closing the edges of the bowl. You and everyone there will be given the opportunity to work on roughing out six bowl blanks that Michael Frazier is donating to this program. Michael says he will bring six Walnut and six Honey Locust, ready to turn blanks each about 6” dia. And his three new J&B Tools, these are the new carbide tipped tools, including their “shaper”,”peeler”, and “digger”to rough-out these blanks. These are some of the easiest tools to use on the market and if you have not had a hands-on opportunity this will be the time and place. The meeting will be very open as the public will have access to come in and watch and learn about woodturning and our club meetings. Archie will see that you have an opportunity to pay your $25 annual dues at this event, so please do so, if you have not already done so. It was suggested and agreed to last month at Ben’s shop that our members could bring any number of pieces of their work for display and sale at the Canton "Arts on the Square" show. It was also agreed that members displaying pieces at show, show and tell, etc. might consider donating some item(s) for sale and the money would be gifted to Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. as a fund raiser. Let me run that by you again. This will be largely a fund raising event for our club. You are helping the club raise money by donating pieces of your work to be sold for cash. You put a price sticker on each piece and if it doesn't sell that day it is still yours, or if you are donating it to the club we will try to negotiate a good price and send it home with a new owner, etc. It can be as many items as you want. Items may be anything…… e.g. bowl, vessel, top, pen, box, etc. All items will be inside out of the weather, etc. Two members have already donated very nice pieces they displayed at show and tell last month! * * * * * Below are two recommendations we recently learned about. They are both recommended classes for wood turners: The first one is our own long time member Jan Adams from Bogalusa, La. Jan will be teaching at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, May 8-14. You can go to the link below for more information about signing up If you are interested in learning stone inlay, carving, and pyrography as a type surface embellishment you will not find a better teacher than Jan Adams. You can just contact Jan directly with questions about the class. https://www.folkschool.org/index.php?section=class_detail&class_id=4628 The second recommendation was sent to President Dr. Tommy James by a director of AAW with a request that it be passed on to our club, or anyone else. “Please take the time to read and possibly consider takeing the class at Arrowmont featuring Glenn Lucas from Ireland. Glenn is one of the new bowl turners in the world. This is great opportunity to learn how to turn a precision bowl and learn the skills from the best. Glenn Lucas has run his Woodturning Study Centre in southeast Ireland since 1995 and is frequently invited to demonstrate at events worldwide. Recent events include the American Association of Woodturners, Utah Woodturning Symposium, the Norwegian Woodturning Cruise, and the Association of Woodturners, Great Britain. www.glennlucas.com. Below is the class description of the Arrowmont class published on their website. Also below is a link to their website. If you’re interested in attending please contact Arrowmont ASAP and make your reservation. Turning for the Table Create beautiful homeware using local hardwoods. Learn how to convert an unseasoned log into classic bowls and platters that will add elegance to any table setting as well as utilitarian items such as a rolling pin, egg cup and salt and pepper bowls. This practical course is designed to help you tackle most turning projects. Get your tools sharp so you can remove waste material quickly and make the ultimate fine cut! Suitable for all skill levels. Course Fee & ID: $550 | 2011WDT-Jun12 http://www.arrowmont.org/images/arrowmont/pdfs/arrowmont2011workshops.pdf http://whttp://issuu.com/arrowmont/docs/2011workshops-online?mode=embed&layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml&showFlipBtn=trueww.arrowmont.org/images/arrowmont/pdfs/arrowmont2011workshops.pdf “ March Meeting at Ben Morgan’s shop 30 Members present John Houston presided over the meeting. The meeting started promptly at 9:30 am adjourned at 2:30 pm after a tour of the Morgan’s home. The home tour featured many, many pieces of Ben's original works, including a clock Ben had made before he and Gaye were married. Beautiful! Thanks to John, Don Norman, Gaye and Angela Morgan for all of their hard work in preparation for this special event. We had some great fellowship time with Ben’s wife Gaye and their daughter Angela as we shared memories and stories about Ben. We thank them for their gracious hospitality and the opportunity to gather and celebrate Ben’s life. What a great guy! He will be missed. Quotes from Ben: 1) I never saw a piece of wood I didn't like. 2) I don't know how old that lathe is but it was old when I got it a long time ago. The club approved the following items: 1) The club library will remain intact and will be kept at our new central meeting place at Copiah Lincoln Simpson County Center near Magee. 2) We will start meeting at our new location in May One-hour lunch and fellowship Show and Tell: Wow!!!! Thanks to Dr. Hartwig for bringing his beautiful free form piece that was wonderfully crafted by God and skillfully polished by man. The story he shared about the origin of the log and the process of retrieving it was both interesting and spiritually inspiring. The piece was a part of a root of what was an ancient large White Oak tree that has been submerged underwater and partially buried in the bank of the Leaf River. Based on age analysis so far, the tree is suspected to have sprouted from an acorn around the time Christ was born. Pictures are on our web page. Members proudly showing off their work: Tommy James Roland Pimm Bill Mason Jan Adams Geoffrey Hartwig Louis Busby John Houston And probably others I forgot -- Michael Frazier

May 2011

Hello Woodturners, This is to let you know that the Magnolia Woodturners, Inc. club will be meeting at a never before location next Saturday, May 21. 2011. The official name and location is the COPIAH-LINCOLN COMMUNITY COLLEGE SIMPSON COUNTY CENTER, 151 Co-Lin Drive, Mendenhall, Mississippi 39114. You can locate a map using Google Maps and the above address. If you don’t use Google: To begin with, this place is on the East side of US 49, (but cannot be seen from the highway) between Mendenhall and Magee. If you are driving south, and you see Simpson Legion Lake on your left, then you have passed it. However, if you will see this sign on the right of US 49 before the lake that is when you turn left (East) into the driveway. If you are coming north, pass the lake, then look for the complementary sign on your right, letting you know to take the next right. It might be best if you load up three or four people and bring them with you and you won’t have any trouble with these excellent directions! Also, bring your extra turning wood as it will be really appreciated by The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. and finish by early or mid-afternoon. The program will be basic and advanced vessel hollowing and we will watch Terry Tjader and John Stenmark demonstrating numerous hollowing tools and explaining every detail. This will be a learning session for all of us and promises to be a lot of fun, as well. Vice President John Houston will be in charge. Because of our schedule (?) this year dues have been slow coming in so please take this opportunity to send Archie Lancaster, Treasurer, your $25 for calendar year 2011, or better pay him at this meeting. There are plenty of eating places for lunch nearby and we plan to have coffee at the meeting. The Georgia Association of Woodturners (GAW), dedicated to providing education, information and organization to those interested in woodturning, will be presenting its annual symposium, "Turning Southern Style XVII". This year's event will again be held at the Unicoi State Park and Lodge near Helen, Georgia on September 16-18, 2011. Their web site is: www.gawoodturner.org Please take a look at our web site and send Mike Frazier your pictures of your pieces, equipment for sale, etc. because it is free and you will be helping us get our name out there for everyone to see. http://www.magnoliawoodturners.org/ Safe turning, Clyde Hare