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Happy New Year,
Normally I do not make a lot of resolutions at this time of year, but in 2018 I hope to significantly upgrade my turning skills. And to do that I am planning to make all 11 meetings of the Magnolia Woodturners this year.
So I'm asking you to join me. Go ahead today and mark every 3d Saturday through November to join us for some excellent demonstrations, fellowship and other opportunities.
There are several good reasons to make Magnolia Woodturners a priority this year: 1. We are planning some great programs; 2. We have one of the best facilities of any club around (I know it's a drive, but it is comfortable, clean, air conditioned and with built in AV equipment); and 3. We all benefit from the relationships and from learning from each other.

Our first two demonsgtrators are set: Jan. 20 will be Breck Whitworth of Ocean Springs (Lighthouse Woodturners), and on Feb. 17 it will be Jim Creel of Hammond (Bayou Woodturners). Breck will demon 2-piece hollow forms; Jim is to be determined.
Both are not only excellent turners but also are professional demonstrators.

We are making plans for other demos, special projects and generally a good time, so I hope you will make plans to attend, and to contribute. We all learned a long time ago that the more you put into something the more you will get from it.

I look forward to seeing each of you during the coming year.

Joe Dove
  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Happy Happy New Year. The January meeting is scheduled for January 20 beginning at 9:30 A.M. Come early and enjoy a sharing time with other turners.
We are starting off the year with a special demo by Breck Whitworth.This is his website :
https://www.woodtreasuresbybre ck.com/
This is a link to AAW Forum Gallery
http://www.aawforum.org/commun ity/index.php?media/users/brec k-whitworth.34002/
Breck will be demonstrating a Two Piece Hollowform. He has stated willingness to critique or suggest solutions for works in progress, so bring your best or problem works for show n tell.
Fees for this meeting will be $15 including the room fee.
Dues for 2018 will be due . Remember the increase to $50 this year to cover increased expense for our fine meeting place.
Be sure to return to the Library anything you have checked out last year. We use the honor system and request that you be sure to return DVD in proper case and sign in the log what you check out or return.
Visit our website HERE and see members galleries and meeting photos
We have changed email servers and this is a better look at the November tip:
http://files.constantcontact.c om/c38abb3f001/c58a5b91-e64f-4 aa1-a7cc-60b27348df47.pdf
Directions from Jackson : https://tinyurl.com/ybnwqa9o
Directions from Hattiesburg: https://tinyurl.com/y8wtgdzj
This is not a monitored mailbox. Please do not respond here. You can contact Gerald Lawrence at lawr1970@bellsouth.net or Clyde Hare at cfhare@att.net.
Gerald Lawrence
Treasurer of Magnolia Woodturners
Webmaster at magnoliawoodturners.org
Audio/ Video Coordinator%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


Well the days do fly as it is time for this months meeting.Meeting on 2/17/18 beginning at 9:30 A.M. come early for coffee and conversation .
We will again have a professional turner giving our program this month. Jim Creel with the Bayou Turners club will be demoing finials. Again the fee will be $15 which includes the room fee. No website but I did find these two references which may be interesting on his skills.
http://aawcontentsource.org/aa w_cs1_pdf/AW2906c4-c4.pdf
http://www.artisticwoodturners .org/LinkClick.aspx? fileticket=i4xISHldQBI%3D& tabid=60&mid=382

Visit our website HERE for pics of meetings and others galleries. Links to tools, techniques, and much more.

Please return any library items you have checked out. The library is based on the honor system with check out for one month so that everyone will have a chance to check out items.

Bring your work for Show N Tell. Bring your Beads of Courage Bowls. I have beads for inset for $1.25 each. NOTE if you need a blank for a BOC bowl call me or email and I will provide you with a blank at no charge. I received a thank you note from one of the children which I will share with y'all.

RAFFLE time. I have the last box of wood from Dale Anderson's shop and some more. Bring wood , tools or anything else you are willing to part with.

We have some big news for next year BUT you will have to come to hear it.
Congratulations to our own Sammy Long who won the Peoples Choice Award at the TAW Symposium in January .

Remember Dues for 2018 are $50 for which we have the best facility of any club without exception.


Our meeting will be March 17 beginning at 9:30 A.M.. Come early to catch up with friends. Meeting will be at Co-Lin in Mendenhall . Directions at the bottom of this notice.
This months demo will be presented by Phil Brown on a Three Corner Box.
Be sure to return any Library materials . Library is on the honors system and checked out materials should be returned the month after checkout.
Visit our website magnoliawoodturners.org. You will find pictures of meetings and members galleries, also links to tools , manufacturers and how to videos and articles.
Bring your work for Show N Tell. Bring your Beads of Courage Bowls. I have beads for inset for $1.25 each. NOTE if you need a blank for a BOC bowl call me or email and I will provide you with a blank at no charge. If you have not paid your 2018 dues please bring them to the meeting or mail to me at 103 Copper Ridge Dr, Brandon,MS 39042
This is not a monitored mailbox. Please do not respond here. You can contact Gerald Lawrence at lawr1970@bellsouth.net

04-17-2018 Well it is time once more to prepare for a meeting on April 21 at 9:30 AM we will meet at Co-Lin. Come early for coffee and some story swapping.
This months demo will be provided by the recently retired Phil Brown on a tri-cornered box. Phil does a very through demo so you do not want to miss this.
On Thursday and Friday April 19 & 20 several of our club members will be demoing at the MS Agriculture and Forestry Museum come by and say hello from 9 til 2.
Remember to return any items you have checked out of the library and find something new to checkout.
We have many old meetings and galleries of meetings and member photos on the web site along with links to many sites for tools and how to. Space limitations mean that one year of photos had to be deleted this year so if you are looking for something I hay have on my computer in old files.
Discussion will be held about the May meeting at the Overby Farm with planned picnic and cookout.
Bring completed pieces or problem pieces for Show and Tell.Don't forget to pay your dues.


05-07-2018This is an early request to get numbers for ordering meat and supplies. The meeting this month will be at the Buddy Overby Farm just outside Puckett. Plan to be there by 9:30 AM . Some of the things going on besides the cookout will be:
Tour of the Farm
Chainsaw sharpening
Wood exchange- bring any extra you have
Discussion of June demo by Mark Sillay and hands on
Not planning a show n tell but if you have a new piece you want to show off bring it.
Items we will need are:
Tables & canopies those were volunteered and more if you have them
Ice Chests with ice those who volunteered
Club will provide utensils, drinks and burgersNbun, and hot dogs cooked by Tim
Bring chips, potato salad, slaw, a desert (let me know what you're bringing)
Bring your own chair


06-10-2018It is time for our June Meeting . We have a special demo by Mark Sillay this month. You can read about Mark at his website http://www.marksillay.com/ about-me.html .
Mark will be doing a hands on class planned for the woodshop at the Craftsmans Guild. Days to be determined are either Thursday, Friday or Monday or some combination of that. The fee will be $50 for the hands on plus a small honorarium for the Guild. You provide turning tools and the guild has 5 lathes and Mark will provide wood. If you are on the list from the April meeting or if you would like to participate please contact Joe Dove at 601-573-7507 ASAP so the schedule can be planned.
For the meeting the fee will be $15.Meeting starts at 9:30 AM at the Co-Lin campus in Mendenhall. Come early for coffee and conversation.
Bring something you are working on or something you can show for Show-N-Tell. We want to see and hear about what you are doing.
Do not forget to return items to the Library as it has been 2 months since last meeting at Co-Lin.
Check out the website and if you have items you want in your Gallery please send me a photo or bring for Show-N-Tell and I will make photo.
Everyone enjoyed the picnic at Buddy's farm and the demo was very good provided by Sammy.
Here is a link to a AAW article on lidded boxes always a fun project.